Space Dragon Squadron

Not Sailors, But Pirates

How Mylon Joined the Crew

Filed by: Yuun Starfire

So, we vacillate about the next job to pick up. And that droid ,99, gets the smart idea to do a little “interfacing” and try to sort out which is easiest. We get some intel and this “Save us from the Pirates” job looks pretty easy. The only problem is this: the droid figures out that they don’t have any money to pay us.

We put our heads together and we suppose that we can score a freighter out of the deal. Valaris V, the planet we’re meant to save, is a gas station in the armpit of this sector. They’re bound to have a freighter laying around that they’re not using, right? So, that becomes our smart plan. Save the planet, get a freighter, and maybe score some pirate’s loot along the way.

Ah yes, the pirates. We don’t know a lot about them, except that they came in and flew away with a bank vault. On top of that, they’ve been perched on somewhere near the planet, accosting ships before they can make the jump away. We know they’re flying cobbled together ‘Die-Wings’ or something of the sort. We figure they’re no match against our TIE-INs. So, we’re off to save some backwater world against these pirates who call themselves the “Red Talons”.

We decide to go in with a show of force and really impress the Governor of nowhere. We take the Belly right up to their port and we know the show is working. We can tell, because other ships are clinging to us like poop on a Ewok’s butt. They’re happy for the escort in. We land, let some jack-wad there know we’re here about the contract and voila, we’re off to see the Governor.

We already know they can’t pay and all we really want out of this is a freighter. I know these military types are all business, so straight away I lay it out for this guy and demand a freighter. He doesn’t even flinch and tells us it’ll be over in an hour. Score! What a push over.

We get back to the ship, to await the freighter and find out that 99 is on a walk-about. I reckon he went off to mate with some space ship or other. He probably has a brood of crazy half-droid something-or-others floating about the universe.

The freighter shows up and its a heap of junk. I should have guessed that backwater Governor had something up his sleeve. The R2s tell us that this broke-down Spacemaster will do the job, but it has no Environment and likely the guns don’t work.

We devise a plan to use the Spacemaster (now christened the "Dragon’s Egg”) as bait. Since it has no Environmental support, we let the psycho droid drive it. We send out Sat as an escort with instructions to run as soon as he sees the pirates. We take out the Belly first, so the pirates aren’t worried about running up against her. The plan was to have Sat and the Belly jump back after the pirates are busy with the Egg. Everything goes pretty much to plan, I’m proud to say.

I took a few hits in my TIE. Isaac got his disabled, but managed to sort it out before turning in to space debris. I dusted one of the TIE-dyes, while Sat took out a couple of them. The rest surrendered. Easy as pie.

We get back into the hanger and one of the Die-Wing pilots has a Thermo! Fucker was going to blow us all up. Isaac’s quick thinking saved our asses, as he vented the bastard. If I hadn’t guessed that was what he was doing, I might have gotten vented along with him. I don’t know if the meat-head realized that.

99 shows up all beaten to hell. That droid had one job, hide on the ship and stall the boarding party. I dunno if they found him or if he just decided to try “interfacing” with the boarding crew. Either way, they took a chunk out of him and he was anxious to return the favor. It’s probably a good thing that Isaac vented the last of them, or that droid would have done things to that guy I might not forget for all my days.

It takes us most of a day, but we get over to the pirate’s base and managed to convince the imbeciles that we’re part of they’re own crew!. 99 nearly ruins the whole thing, because he can’t keep his finger off the damn trigger long enough to get a grip of the situation. Thankfully, he’s a good liar as well as a homicidal maniac

The remaining pirates consisted of a rag-tag bunch of whelps The were, however, led by this big, angry looking guy with a robotic arm and eye. Isaac must have noticed him, too, because he strolls up to the guy and tosses one of our new Thermos at him. Bot-arm took a Thermo to the face and was still standing.

99 finishes Bot-arm and I call out to the whelps to lay their weapons down. They must not have heard me, because they’re still putting up a fight. Eventually we get through to them and take them all as prisoner. 99 sets about trying to find all the loot that his little chassis can carry. I don’t know what he was up to, but he and Sat made an awful racket. Eventually, they come out with a haul of gear and knickknacks.

We spot one of their crew, a sharp eyed guy that doesn’t seem to fit in. He’s a mechanic and he’s pretty much got this whole base under his thumb. He said his name is Mylon. 99 took a shine to him. I thought that was odd, as he generally would rather kill a stranger than say ‘hello’. Mylon seems nice enough and a capable mechanic. He even vented a couple of fools in the turrets. He seems nice enough, but I’m going to keep an eye on him.

All said and done, we took Bot-arm’s arm and a few of the remaining knuckle draggers back to the Governor as proof of a job well done. He knows who to call when he has another job: Space Dragon Squad.


Well written and nicely in character.

Not Sailors, But Pirates
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