Space Dragon Squadron

Mission 211

TIE Interceptor Acquisition

Filed by: XRI-99

Primary Objective: Acquire Imperial TIE Interceptors (4+)
Secondary Objective: Acquire Additional Equipment and Data
Target: Imperial Garrison on Cularin
Mission Team: Two Human infiltrators, this Unit, Non-human medical support being

Arrival Planet-side approx. 1900 hours
We sent both humans to do local recon while began primary slice of Local Imperial Networks.
Gained access to social network and accessed personal profile data on over 2,107 Base Personnel including infantry, technicians, and base administrators as well as civilian contractors. Most profiles made reference to a week-long field exercise required by new company CO Cmd. Derricote. (Abnormal Command appointment of Naval Officer to Army Base noted for future research.) The Intel on the field exercise was confirmed by human recon team.

During Squad sleep cycle this unit built a ghost remote control program based on the manufacture’s default maintenance access to TIE Interceptor Auto Pilot protocol. Ghost Program needs to be uploaded to each unit at a local access port, upload time approximately 4 minutes per unit. This unit then installed the Ghost Program on all 6 of the Fighters residing in the Spaceport on active duty.

This unit took up position to observe regular solar cycle of Base Operations. At approximately 1700 hours sent in human recon team to re-establish communications with prior contacts. Took up over watch position for human recon team in social establishment “The Emperor’s Tree.” Established human recon team had acquired successful contact with base personnel and acquired target for Imperial ID cloning. Followed target to off-base personal quarters and gained entry. Obtained ID but failed to clone, new gen ID’s are nearly clone-proof. Took original ID and eliminated user permanently. Disguised death and alcohol induced suicide.

This unit used the technician’s ID to gain base access for himself and non-human squad member. As we made our way to the main repair bay confirmed that both members of human recon team had successfully gained entry onto Base. Posing as a representative and technician from the Sienar Flight Systems Company we gained access to the remaining 12 TIE Interceptors.

During Ghost Program upload of the first craft Bases sounded general alarm and went under active shooter protocol. We confirmed that human squad members had decided to start executing Imperial Officers.

Operations Note: Review basic covert tactics with Human Squad members. Create “acceptable use” protocol for slug-thrower weapons.

Non-human loaded a pair of flight suits in the first ghosted TIE Interceptor as upload was completed on second TIE Interceptor. We gave the Human recon team location of ghosted TIE Interceptors and flight suits as non-human returned to Spaceport to launch Squad Transport.

Once the Humans were in the air the active wing took up pursuit. This unit used the ghost program to collide two of the ships which were then misidentified as the escaping assassins. Claiming that the crash was caused by the very factory defect this unit was there to correct, the remaining four pilots landed their craft in the repair bay. This unit was then able to pilot those four into open space and rendezvous with the Squad Corvette and leave the system with a total of 6 newly acquired TIE Interceptors.

Primary Objective: COMPLETE
Secondary Objective: Successful in obtaining 2 additional spacecraft as well as personnel and security intelligence from the Garrison.

Mission 211 Complete
Missions Remaining: 3


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