Yuun Starfire

Young, blond human male with a quick wit and a silver tongue




Chip Ghent was the son of two well respected and well paid doctors (July and Johan). He and his sister Henna, were rather close. They lived a privileged life of little responsibility and a lot of booze. On the way back from a party, Chip lost control of the craft he was flying. Folks pulled them both out of the wreckage, but Henna didn’t survive.

When Chip recovered and heard the news, he went on a bender. He joined-up under the name Yuun Starfire as a way to run away from everything.

Even drunk he’s a pretty good liar, or else they just didn’t care. He told them the story that intends to run for office back home. He wants a broader perspective of the universe. When he’s done, he’ll go back and take his hometown by storm.

Yuun Starfire

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