A dented, rusted, hodgepodge 3P0 programmed for military protocol and operations.


Z-3P0 appears to be cobbled together from at least three different 3P0 units and a few other droid models as well. His eyes flicker constantly, his movements are jerky and uneven. He is covered in patch-welds and silver adhesive tape.

His personality is cordial and professional. He treats his new wards with the respect they give to him. He actually appears grateful for the new squad residing in Hades base, they have yet to use him for target practice with blades or blasters, a vast improvement over the other sentients that have occupied the base in the past.


Z-3P0 is a customized protocol droid built by a republic tech during the clone wars. He has been through dozens of owners and has quite a few odd modifications. He currently operates as the quartermaster and droid boss of the Hades Base, a base of last resort for the old Star Dragon Squadron. According the the Base Comm System, it is the only functional base the Star Dragons currently control.


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