New Missions available

Transmission Commencing

-The planet of Valeris V is seeking mercenaries to assist in the liberation of their system from a local pirate gang. Pay is negotiable upon receipt of contract.- Mission Complete Status: Successful. Returned: One: medium transport ship, three ‘die-wing’ fighters, a partial Lambda class shuttle, liquid funds returned being assessed.

Colonel Repness has contacted the Squadron through standard channels requesting assistance with another heist and relocation mission. Standard rates and profiles expected.

Black Sun has put out a bounty of 50,000 credits for the capture of an individual linked to the recent sabotage of their Coruscant properties. Details upon request.

-Contact has been made with so-called rebels seeking a third party to access an Imperial research facility and steal potentially dangerous technologies.
This unit could not determine the true source of the job and it could be corporate espionage given the payment details are in the sum of 30,000 credits. Target technology is a miniaturized turbo laser system that is 1/5th the size of current systems, along with various, un-listed items of opportunity.

New Missions available

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