Space Dragon Squadron

Star log 5647707


I have finally gotten time to write again. Last time I wrote we were just coming into system to inquire about a bounty on some Pirates. I’m not really sure why we decided on this mission, as we are not getting paid for it. I guess the team really wants a freighter.

Anyway, we come into system and everyone sees or app and outstanding wants to be friends. Personally, I would have shot at then to keep them off our asses, but I guess threw is that whole “hearts and minds” persona we were trying out.

Well we got to the governor’s office and Yuun decides he wants to throw all our cards on the table and accept the first offer. He didn’t even throw any specifics. Just “RAWR! WE WANT SHIP! RAWR!”. A Wookie, who just farted something fierce, could have negotiated better.

Regardless; we for our ship, a horrible one at that, and we were getting ready to depart… But the damn droid ran off. I need to remind myself to weld him to the ship the next time we leave.

The droid finally came back so we departed, only after we turned in some two-bit smuggler. Our plan was simple: bait the pirates with the crappy ship and I, the escort, fly off and return to blast the ever living hell out of them. Oh, I guess Isaac and Yuun were supposed to help.

After a flawless micro jump out, I had some issues with my computer and had to make a return micro jump with just my superior Givin intellect. I came in right on one of the pirate’s ass. I made quick work of him. Then I moved on to his friend. They were no match for my superior flight skills.

I’m getting a little tired of writing. So I’ll wrap it up quick.

We flew to the pirate base. I killed two of them and Isaac blew the crap out of their big boss. I opened a door a droid, designed to open doors, could not. I accidentally set off all the traps in the vault (I was not hurt too badly). We flew back to the planet. And I threw the robot arm of the big boss on the desk of the governor.

Over all, pretty good mission. I got to fly and blow stuff up. Looks like my dad just sent me a message.

Oh, I almost forgot. We picked up one of the pirates, Mylon, he is going to hack us out of most of our money I’m sure.


You wrote this on your phone didn’t you?

Star log 5647707
hatenull bfwellington

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