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Transmission Commencing

Current data scrape indicates these bounties and missions fall within the defined parameters of Dragon Squadrons’ mission profiles for available resources.

Resources at critical levels: currently assessed at 13% of unit strength

An unidentified group is offering 5000 credits for the capture of an Imperial General for crimes against themselves or a group they represent. Live capture, itinerary and security details will be provided. //Indications are that multiple attempts have failed in the last standard month, security measures are assessed as elevated and risk is stated as// HIGH

Jabba the Hutt is looking for a new pet for his palace on Tatooine. His Acklay has recently passed away from swallowing a smuggler whole and choking on it. Pay is based on creature provided, 2-10k in credits or half amount in goods.

Teemo the Hutt has offered a bounty on a YT-1300 and its crew of thieves. Proof of destruction is all that is needed, bonus for return of the ship or live capture. (10k credits for kill, 2k credits for ship, 1k per live capture.) //Bounty is inceased by half due to further actions of this rogue crew.//

-An interested party is looking for a group to spring an associate from Kessel. Details upon request.- Mission no longer available, contact is reported as deceased

-Rumor has it that the garrison on Cularin has a new, incompetent commander. With proper planning their new wing of TIE/IN and other military gear could be easy pickings. Not to mention all the rare woods to be had.- Successful completion. 6 TIE/IN attained, two sold

Job Board

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